Old as Dinosaurs

"Mommy?" Elizabeth said as she started to get out of the car, She put both feet on the running board and hopped down.


"Were there cars and sidewalks in the 80's?" She looked up at me with wide eyes, imagining a strange and exotic world that predates transportation.

I fought back my first response of asking her what the heck she's talking about and smiled sweetly, "Of course there was, baby! What else would the dinosaurs drive and how else would they stay out of traffic?"

"That makes sense!" She happily ran ahead, yelling to her brother that dinosaurs drive cars. In the meantime, I hobbled along with my cane and old person stride. Because apparently, considering I went to elementary school in the 1980's, I am as old as a dinosaur.

The funny thing is, sidewalks and cars are nothing compared to the drop-jawed moments awaiting my children. Wait until they hear I didn't have a computer, Google didn't exist, and we had to watch the commercials unless we recorded a show on a tape that you had to manually fast forward instead of skipping ahead five seconds at a time. And when they discover I didn't have a cell phone until I was in my 20's, that Suri is younger than they are, and that all day cartoons were not a part of my childhood, they'll spend hours getting their head wrapped around the idea.

We won't even address such things as getting our first microwave, only being able to watch VHS's after visiting a video store, and not being able to play a video game on a cell phone.

They might not be able to handle it.