What Extra Hour?

Falling back Sunday has always been my favorite time of the year. Yes. I loved it more than Christmas. Because for one blissful day and most of the following week, I felt rested and was actually up early enough not to rush.


I used to use that extra hour to sleep in and still wake up before noon. I’d lounge in bed in a gleeful lump and be very thankful daylight beat my alarm clock.

Then I had kids. Becoming a parent changes everything.

The funny thing about children is that they don’t really have a concept of time the way I do. They don’t understand the clock in the way I do. And they don’t comprehend the idea of an extra hour to sleep in the way I do.

Yesterday morning, instead of my blissful hour of sleep, I was awakened at 5:30 which, to my little loves, felt like their normal time of 6:30. And they expected me to make them breakfast.

To make matters worse, they went to bed at the proper time—just before 8:00, by the time all is said and done —which means, I’ve actually lost an hour of childfree time.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore my children and love every moment I spend with them. I do, however, cherish the time between lights out for kiddos and lights out for mommy. So, not only did I wake up far earlier than should be legal on a weekend, but I also collapsed with less mommy time. My favorite day of the year is now not so much fun.

How did your children do with the time change? Any tips or tricks to make it go easier?