Mommy Style

Sometime between that first positive pregnancy test and my son’s first birthday, I lost all sense of style.

I don’t know if it was the sleepless nights, the household budget cuts, or the excess body mass, but while there was once a time when I could be considered if not on the cutting edge of fashion, at least not a candidate for What Not to Wear.


It was gradual, I think.

First came the exhaustion. It was a different exhaustion than going to work after spending all night dancing and after hours eating Taco Bell. It permeated, made my mind fuzzy and my eyes half mast. It made me hit the snooze button one too many times. It gave me less time for hair and make-up.

Then came the body mass. While some women glow and bloom with their pregnancies, I sweated and wilted. My body, housing that tiny being, expanded to a point where I was certain I was going to explode a la Alien.

And then, the dreaded household budget cut. Instead of splurging on cute jeans and fun tops for myself, I was helpless to resist adorable sweaters and hoodies for Joseph. Besides, I’d remind myself, moms are invisible when there’s an adorable baby in the room.


When I finally bought my last diaper, put away all the baby clothes, and stopped buying sippy cups, I looked around and realized, quite suddenly, I was six years out of fashion and I had no understanding how to dress this body of mine. So I did what all women in that situation do.

I wrote Stacy London and begged for help.

While I’m waiting to hear back from her, I’m cozily ensconced in lounge pants and frantically making sure I’m not a member of the Wal Mart Worst Dressed List.

Did you lose your fashion sense after kids?

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