Get Around This Game-Changing New “Google of Fashion” That’ll Help You Dress Like Your Fave Style Icons

I’ll be honest here ladies, I’m really not the biggest fan of online shopping. I’m the type of gal who’ll spend about 10 minutes scrolling through pages and pages of different tops on a fashion site waiting for something cute (that’ll flatteringly hide all my jiggly bits) to jump out at me and flail its sleeves in my face, before getting fed up and logging off, defeated. Unless you’re in the market for the absolute basics, shopping for clothes online can be friggin daunting — there are just too many options out there.

But imagine if there was a version of Google that existed, just for fashion? Well, spoiler alert: there is. A new app called Trendii has just launched and it’s a deadset gamechanger for those of us suffering from chronic fashion fatigue from all the constant scrolling.


Trendii is more than just a fashion search engine, though, it’s basically like your own personal stylist robot. Its advanced AI technology lets you shop images you’re inspired by on social media, online or in magazines! Just feed them into the Trendii extension and it’ll trawl the web for similar designs you can buy online today. Like so:


The heels Khloe Kardashian strutted out in at last year’s MET Gala? SOLD. The bodysuit Sapphire rocked in last night’s ep of The Voice Australia? Get in my shopping cart!

As well as making celeb styles your own & dressing like your fave fashionistas, Trendii’s machine learning capabilities also let it predict new styles and trends you might be into, based on your previous searches, thus keeping you updated with the latest trends and style inspo on a daily basis.

Yes, I’m aware this could be very dangerous for our wallets.

Still, if you feel like giving your internet browsers a Trendii glow-up you can head right here.

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