Finding a Swimsuit

And pool time.


I have two little red heads, which means the sun and I are at constant odds. Especially at the pool. Their fair skin lobsters up faster than I can apply sunblock. I’ve solved the problem for Joseph by buying him long sleeved rash guards and putting him in trucks that fall just below the knees. He’s fashionable, covered, and usually burn free.

Elizabeth is a different story.

I knew I was in trouble the first time I tried to find her a suit. The racks were filled with adorable cherry prints, blue ruffles, pink florals, and one particular yellow polka dot bikini.

Yes. Bikini.

While I’m far from a prude and admit the little girls in the ads look adorable in their two pieces, I want my fair haired beauty covered from wrist to knee. (See above lobster reference.) But it’s virtually impossible to find anything resembling a full cover swim suit without spending over $60. And this year, there’s another issue. My little diva wants nothing more than frills, ruffles, and bows.

I’m starting to get frustrated. My normal go-to suit shops are Target and Old Navy. I found several with rash guard tops, but they’re cap sleeved, which does nothing for her little arms. I tried to convince her the boy’s elbow length rash guard would match the bottoms of the little blue ruffled suit perfectly and she cried that it was a boy’s shirt.

So I’m hoping someone else has some ideas to help me find the perfect suit without spending an arm and a leg for a tiny bit of arm fabric.

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