Potty Training Near Success

I’ve written a few dozen times about my potty training woes. Well, not my potty training. More like my daughter’s.

I have to say, we have 95% success. Night is still an issue.

And I’m not quite sure how it happened.

After trying everything from stickers to jelly beans to books to little doll potties for her dolls to use, I gave up. I decided it would happen when it happened. Then, some how, some way, she just did it. I can’t really take credit because all of my ideas and attempts didn’t break through the barrier.

Could it have been once the pressure was off, so to speak, she felt she could do it?

Could it have been the fact my stubborn daughter delights in giving me gray hair?

I’m not sure, but it does make me wonder if all this stress of potty training should be tabled for more important things. Like whether or not Kim Kardashian is really running for Mayor of Glendale.

Ever since having children, I’ve repeated like a mantra “they won’t be doing this when the go to college”. “This” being whatever I’m having issues with at the moment. For the last two months, I reminded myself she’d be potty trained before she went to college.

It’s the only thing that kept me sane.

Perhaps I should have listened to my own words and let her work it out on her own. It’s pretty much what she did anyway.

What do you think? Should we ease up on all the training and let kids develop at their own rate?