Funny Tweets About The Fall Activities We Love To Hate

Fall has officially arrived! The calendar says so even if the weather isn’t totally on board yet. Now everyone has the green light to fill their weekends with all the classic fall activities we’ve been waiting all summer for. We can walk through a corn maze on our way to a pumpkin patch carrying a […]


When Can a Toddler Throw and Kick a Ball?

In a world full of “smart” toys that take the guesswork out of just about everything and include fun sounds and flashing lights, it’s easy to forget that what toddlers need most of all is time to move and play with no frills toys. A ball is one such toy. Between the time when a […]


Fresh and Simple Baked Stuffed Apples for Dessert

Apple picking is one of our favorite fall activities. The only trick to apple picking is using up all the apples when we come home because we tend to pick more than we need. We keep some for lunches and apple pie in a jar, and we always keep plenty on hand to make our favorite dessert, […]


When do Toddlers Master Climbing Skills?

Climbing is a skill that children reach incrementally. While some toddlers seem hardwired to climb absolutely everything in sight, others are content to sit and watch the world go by. Some toddlers might even appear fearful, or overly cautious, about climbing. Climbing often begins with crawling over objects in their path, progresses to climbing onto […]


When Can Toddlers Use Simple Sentences?

After months of desperately trying to read nonverbal cues and listen for the meanings of ever so slightly different cries, talking is a very exciting (and welcome) milestone. Like most developmental milestones, however, it takes time and practice to progress from single words to stringing two or three words together to using complete sentences. Talking […]


When Do Babies Develop Fine Motor Skills?

When it comes to reaching developmental milestones, smiling, laughing, crawling, and walking are viewed as the most exciting, but while achieving these big milestones babies are also hard at work on things like fine motor skills. While crawling and walking require a ton of energy and are often rewarded with smiles, hugs, and clapping from […]


When Do Babies Develop Object Permanence?

For about the first four months of life, babies think that when something is out of view, it’s gone for good. That blanket or pacifier that drops to the ground is gone forever. At around five months, however, babies learn that their favorite toys, people, and items still exist even when they’re out of sight. […]


When Do Babies Sleep Through the Night?

Some developmental milestones, like smiling and laughing, are great fun for parents and babies alike, while others just feel necessary. Sleeping through the night is one milestone many parents look forward to, but it doesn’t always happen at a specific time. In fact, many factors contribute to frequent night wakings, even after an infant seems […]


When Do Babies See Color?

When a newborn first enters the world, vision is fuzzy at best. During the first six months of life, your baby will begin to see with increasing depth and clarity. As color begins to emerge for your baby, she will begin to see the world in a whole new light. Newborn vision sharpens gradually over […]


When Do Babies Laugh?

From sleeping through the night to walking around the house, your baby’s first year is packed with exciting milestones. Each “first” is an indicator that your baby is growing and learning, and a baby’s first laugh is a sign that your baby is content. After what might feel like endless sleepless nights, laughter is always […]


When Do Babies Start Walking?

When do babies start walking? First steps are an exciting milestone. First steps also generate a lot of questions among parents. Sometime before the end of the first year, you will likely find yourself answering the question, “Is she walking yet?” over and over again. So when do babies start walking? Like most developmental milestones, […]


When Do Babies Hold Their Heads Up

Babies get a whole new view when they learn to hold their heads up and look around, but building that neck strength is no easy task. As with all baby milestones, there isn’t a specific date when your baby should reach this exciting milestone, and when your baby begins to lift her head largely dependent […]