Getting Ready for Easter

Which is why I’m happy my new job gives me Good Friday off.

Being of the unreligious sort, I’m going to be using that day to prepare for Easter Madness. First on the agenda – dying eggs.

I’ve been reading a ton of blog posts about natural Easter egg dyes made of things like beet juice, carrot juice, and kale. The pictures of the eggs, in the hues of earthly things, are so very tempting.

Of course, given the option, my kids would rather use colors not found in nature. And glitter. Lots of glitter.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to compromise. Maybe homemade dyes coupled with glitter?

Yeah, I’m not optimistic either.

Next on the agenda will be putting together Easter baskets. For some reason, unlike Christmas stockings, I find filling Easter baskets to be easy. The items I tuck inside are simple: sidewalk chalk, bubbles, candy eggs, crayons, coloring books, Venus flytraps.

What? You don’t buy your child Venus flytraps for Easter? Weird.

And last on the agenda is preparing all our Easter favorites. I’m planning on a brunch with spanakopita, quiche, grilled asparagus, carrot cake, roasted potatoes, fresh squeezed orange juice, sparkling waters, and deviled eggs.

What are you doing to get ready for Easter?

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