Indoor Winter Fun

For times when the weather isn’t right for playing outside and the kids are bellyaching that they are bored, create your own indoor family fun. How?

Get messy!

Get out an old shower curtain and use that as your messy space. Allow the kids to body paint, use glue and glitter or tackle other messy art projects that you usually would hesitate to do at home.

Have a party

While you’re waiting for the storm to pass, celebrate its arrival. Plan a party menu and play party games. Use paper plates to make a snowman and play stick the sticker on the snowman.

Set up Indoor Bowling

If you’re an avid recycler, get out those plastic bottles and set up your own makeshift bowling alley.

Create an Impromptu Fondue Snack

Get out the fondue pot and enjoy spearing your food as you dip it into chocolate or cheese or let everyone make their own ice cream sundaes for a unique snacktime.

Give the day a “theme”

Consider having a theme day  like family fiesta day, beach day, game day, International day or backwards day. Plan your dress, meals and play around your theme. Use the Internet to search for family friendly themed games, coloring pages and recipes. For backwards day, for example, keep the kids in their pajamas, make sock puppets, serve dessert for breakfast or serve breakfast for dinner.

Have a treasure or scavenger hunt

Hide a special treat like freshly baked cookies or candy or a small toy and give the kids a list of clues to find their hidden treasure inside the scavenger hunt. For younger kids, help them find their way using “You’re hot” and “You’re cold” hints.

On stormy winter days, it doesn’t take long for cabin fever to set in and for the kids to get stir crazy. Doing something you don’t normally do will keep their attention and help make the time pass without boredom setting in.

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