Playing Hide and Seek

One of our favorite rainy day games is Hide and Seek. It teaches counting, problem solving, deduction skills and…fine. I admit it.


I love to hide.

 And I have the perfect spot.


It’s dim and cozy. I can still hear the muted voices of the kids as they wander the house. I can see them from the sliver of light peeking through the crack in the door. And, best of all, No matter how many time I hide in my walk in closet, behind my dresses, the kids never find me. I’ve started stashing chocolate and the newest issue of Parenting in there. It’s my cozy little hidey spot.


I listen with a half ear to their giggles and whispers while they look for me. I wait until I hear Joseph say, “Do you think she’s outside?” before I reveal myself to their laughs of surprise and excited, “Where were you?!” I never utter a hint. And, when Joseph says, “Hide again,” I do so gladly.


I haven’t decided if this makes me a bad mom or a smart mom. On the one hand, after a long rainy weekend, I crave the peace and stillness a little hide and seek brings. On the other hand, I really should let them find me at some point so they don’t think I can disappear at will.


Which probably means I should stop telling them I’m magic and can make myself vanish by wiggling my eyebrows and saying the secret words.


While I struggle with the decision, I’ll keep hiding, letting a bite of the good chocolate melt in my mouth while I catch up on the latest methods of potty training.


What about you? Do you ever hide from your children?