10 Smart Strategies for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween

1. Pick a well-fitting costume. Loose-fitting or too-long costumes are a tripping hazard. Also, look for flame-retardant costumes and choose accessories that aren’t sharp or pointed.

2. Trick-or-Treat at the houses of family and friends. Better safe than sorry!

3. Have her wear sturdy shoes. Leave the princess pumps at home to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

4. Let toddlers help decorate (rather than carve) pumpkins. There are lots of cool ways to decorate a pumpkin with art supplies — instead of a sharp knife.

5. Keep your walkway well lit and restrain your pets on Trick-orTreat night. It will be safe for visitors — and you’ll be signaling that you’re home and ready to pass out candy.

6. Inspect candy before letting him eat it. Throw away candy that doesn’t look right.

7. Go out in groups. It’s like having your own little security team.

8. Carry a flashlight. You’ll be able to see where you’re going — and others will be able to see you, too.

9. Wash apples before bobbing for them to reduce bacteria. This one is a no-brainer!

10. Keep the scary stuff age appropriate. Tots can’t always tell the difference between fantasy and reality, so while the ghost with blood dripping down its face is clearly someone in costume to you,  it may appear to be the real thing to your child. 

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