Mommy Brain Go Away

I have a hope that one day, yes one day, I will again be able to manage my thoughts. I am currently

suffering from a major case of “mommy brain.”

 The brain that once effortlessly juggled thoughts about work, social life, chores to be done, people to call, bills to be paid, what’s for dinner, etc. can now barely grasp the important, but slippery thought I had two minutes ago.

Like toddlers playing a game of catch-me, thoughts dart in and out of my scrambling brain these days. I

usually blame it on lack of sleep – I have about two years worth of deprivation to catch up on – but I know,

after my girls sleep 12 hours straight in a night, that it can’t all be attributed to a groggy mind. What is this

mysterious “disease” and when will it go away?

Just this past weekend I gave the pharmacist the wrong birthday year for my eldest daughter. After 30

minutes of phone calls and the pharmacist tapping on her keyboard because our insurance was saying

our daughter wasn’t covered, my husband came to the rescue. I had given the wrong birth date. Ah-hah!

Problem solved. But I felt like a complete dope. I can’t even keep my girls’ birthday years straight in my


So, my hope is that one day, maybe when the girls are in school and life has calmed into a stable routine

of school and after-school routines, that I will be able to wrangle those flitting thoughts. Until then, I

outsource my memory to a pen and a pad of paper.

Do you suffer from mommy brain too? What are your strategies for remembering?


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