New Mom Rescue Kit

Baby shower presents celebrate all of baby’s needs – adorable outfits, baby bottles and burp clothes,

and satiny blankets. But, where’s the love for the new mama who will have plenty of needs of her own?

 If you’re a friend who likes to stand out with your gift-giving, then load your expecting mom gal pal up with

these true essentials that are purely for her:

Dry Shampoo – It will take her awhile to figure out how to keep a baby safe, calm and quiet while she

showers, never mind taking the time to blow and style her hair.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, by Dr. Weissbluth – This is the Bible equivalent of

childrearing books.

Protein Bars – Food she can eat while nursing, holding a baby or pumping, comes in very handy.

Ear Plugs – If she can convince her husband to take a shift with the baby so she can sleep, she’ll need

ear plugs because every little squawk her baby makes will keep her awake now.

Hemorrhoid Ointment – She’ll either cry in relief when she sees this or laugh it off. But if she doesn’t

have hemorrhoids now, she might after labor.

Concealer – This is the secret weapon to looking nonchalant when people ask her about the baby’s sleep

schedule, or lack thereof.

Tazo Chai Tea Latte Concentrate – She’ll need the caffeine in this yummy spiced tea blend. She can

drink it hot or cold and feel like she’s at Starbucks.

Designer Diaper Bag – Pack all these must-haves in a bag that will make her the envy of any parenting

club and she’ll be forever grateful.

Feel free to steal, improve upon and otherwise bless your new mommy friends with my baby shower gift


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