Kelly Ripa Shares Her Secrets To A Strong Marriage

Kelly Ripa reveals the secrets to her successful marriage.

Kelly and husband Mark Consuelos have been married for fourteen years and share three children together – Michael, 13, Lola, 9, Joaquin, 7.  She shared a little sneak peek into what makes their marriage work in the November issue of Good Housekeeping: "Sometimes we’ll put the kids to bed early and watch Jersey Shore on DVR. It can be that simple, just the two of us, alone, one day a week, for dinner and hijinks … a little bump and tickle. Woo-hoo! I’m 40. I can say that now. I think we’re better parents because date night gives us something to look forward to, a night where we’re not saying, ‘Put that down, stop touching her, don’t spill that.’"

Kelly says that she and Mark are connected in a way that some wouldn’t understand: "I think about my husband in the middle of the day because I love him and I can’t wait to see him. He is my best friend. Nobody knows me the way he knows me. We’ve seen each other in an Avatar, ‘I see you’ way."

To read Kelly’s full interview, you can check it out at Good Housekeeping.

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