Slow Dancing: How We Keep it Romantic at Home


My husband loves to dance. Back in his clubbing days (and before dating me), he and his guy friends would hit the club and dance until last call.  I can’t help but tap my feet when I watch him dance at parties and wedding receptions. He dances with abandon. He radiates joy whether it’s a fast song or a slow dance. His energy is contagious.

As for me, I’m a terrible dancer. I have a hard time moving in time with the beat. It takes a lot of concentration for me to do The Wobble without stepping on my neighbor. Give me a couple of glasses of liquid courage and I’m easily persuaded to step on the dance floor. However, this usually occurs when I’m traveling solo to conferences. (We bloggers know how to party.)


Once home, I recount my attempts at dancing during my business trips. My husband bemoans how we never get to dance together. I feel slightly guilty too. He knows that I’m not a great dancer but in his arms, I feel graceful and light on my feet. I just relax and follow his lead.

Since our date nights usually happen on our couch binge watching a Netflix show, we haven’t done much dancing lately. Plus we’re a wee bit too old to be hitting the night clubs. I’m not sure I have outfits tight or short enough to get into the hip DC clubs.

Sometimes my husband wraps his arm around my waist, and we spontaneously slow dance in our living room. We dance to whatever is playing on the kids’ Pandora station (think Katy Perry or The Chipmunks). Other times, there’s only the music of our hearts beating. No matter what I’m doing, I give in and relax my head against his chest while we're slow dancing.

We hold each other close enough to make a nun nervous. Our bodies sway gently together. I close my eyes and just enjoy the moment. The kids love watching us dance together. They dance their own solos next to us.

My husband is much more romantic than I am. When he wants to dance with me, I drop everything to dance with him. He doesn’t grab me to dance as often as he used to. He’s been so stressed and exhausted from his job recently.

I think when he comes home from work today, I’m going to grab him for a little slow dancing.

How do you and your partner keep the romance alive at home?