“I’m a Netflix Adulterer”

TV_sizedI’m doing penance for cheating on my husband.

Instead of binge watching season two of House of Cards over the weekend, I’m re-watching season one with my husband so he can catch up. It was hard not to be jealous as half of my Facebook timeline filled up status updates and check-ins about drama’s the new season.


My penance is self-imposed because last year, when the Netflix produced drama was released, I binged watched most of the season. All. By. Myself. My poor husband was forced to sneak in some sleep because he had to get up early for work the next day. Me? I just had to take my kid to the bus stop and come back home to nap with my then toddler. So why not finish the last six episodes? I had to know what happened next.

We had to start season one from the very first episode because my husband couldn’t remember anything about the show. As much as I love my husband, I hate watching movies and TV shows with him when he knows I’ve seen it before. He constantly asks me questions that will spoil the episode (or entire season) for him.

“So tell me, when does Kevin Spacey (Frances Underwood) sleep with Zoe (Kate Mara’s character)?”

“What’s going on with Claire and the photographer guy? They had a history?”

After each question leaves his lips, he looks at me, expecting an answer. I just roll my eyes and go back to reading my book. He knows I won’t give away the story, but that doesn’t stop him from asking. Last night I just stuck headphones on as I sat next to him on the couch.

As of last night, he’s almost caught up. My husband has repeatedly told me to start season two without him. I’m not sure what is worse, the sleep deprivation from binge watching the new episodes or trying to sit beside my husband when he views them for the first time.

ps. The answer to the Frances and Zoe question above: sooner than you think.

Have you cheated on your spouse on your Netflix shows?