101 Cheap & Fun Date Ideas


Stay-at-Home Date Ideas

77. Enjoy some cocktails. Dig out the wedding registry barware and mix up some fancy drinks.

78. Have dinner and a movie theme night. Pair spaghetti and Chianti with Goodfellas, crepes and champagne with Amelie, or sushi and sake with Lost in Translation.

79. Play games together. Play your favorite grown-up games, from backgammon to Taboo, and if you’re feeling saucy, try the “strip” version!

80. Indulge in a bedroom picnic. Bring nibbles and drinks up to your bedroom and eat dinner by candlelight in your robes.

81. Share home movies. Screen each other’s childhood memories, and fill in the details with stories.

82. Set up a chocolate tasting. Experiment with such tantalizing pairings as dark chocolate and cabernet.

83. Plan your next vacation. Pull two chairs up to the computer and book your travel for a dream getaway. Snacks and drinks should be inspired by your destination — like nachos and margaritas for your cruise to Cancun!

84. Redecorate your place. Move furniture, paint an accent wall, or just hang up new family photos.

85. Dine al fresco. Serve dinner on the patio with twinkly lights and watch for fireflies.

86. Have fun with homemade fondue. Bust out the kitschy pot and forks and melt some cheese or chocolate over your favorite nibbles. Perfect for feeding each other.

87. Try a flight of the good stuff. Sample a variety of bourbons or whiskeys and compare notes.

88. Play “Truth or Dare.” You might just learn something new about each other.

89. Do a boudoir shoot. Snap sultry shots of each other in lingerie or less.

90. Watch your wedding video together. Pop your favorite bubbly and relive this special day together.

91. Declutter your bedroom. It doesn’t sound sexy, but a little organizing will reduce stress and make you more excited about the home you share. Do it with wine!

92. Host a double date. While the kids watch a movie in the living room, all the parents can enjoy dinner, drinks, games — whatever! — in peace.

93. Brew your own beer. Make a batch of cold frosties with a craft beer kit.

94. Take in the sunset. Cuddle on a rooftop, balcony, or backyard and enjoy this spectacular sight.

95. Play some Guitar Hero. Go shred to shred with your honey.

96. Bake a cake. Make something special for an upcoming birthday, holiday, or event.

97. Copy your favorite restaurant meal. Figure out how to cook what you’re craving, without leaving the house.

98. Make a scrapbook. Gather up memorabilia such as photos, ticket stubs — even baby sonograms — and design a memory book you’ll treasure.

99. Tackle a home improvement project together. Reward yourselves with a decadent dessert.

100. Hire a private chef. Have her serve a gourmet meal in your home (and clean up afterwards!).

101. Slow dance in your living room. Make a playlist of your favorite love songs, light a fire, and sway.

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