Getting a Divorce and Feeling Rad

divorce_sizedMaybe I’m mental. Maybe I’m just awesome.

It’s close to 90 degrees. All kinds of hot and muggy. It’s my kind of weather. I roll the window down in the Suzuki and I rip down the valley road with the music loud. I play New Order, some greatest hits I bought off Amazon. I don’t have time for deep album cuts anymore; I need the damn hits. I skip to Track 5, Blue Monday, and the cold English machine-gun drum machine shoots thrill bullets into my fat face.

I’m on my way to the county courthouse to get the paperwork I need to file for divorce. I’m not supposed to feel good about that, I know, but I feel good anyway. I feel wide-awake and unstoppable.

I feel f*cking alive.

Maybe that’s weird. It is what it is.

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