8 At-Home Date Night Ideas for the Dead of Winter

It’s right about this time in winter, when the holidays are long over but the weather is still frightful that we tend to get a little stir crazy. In the summer it feels like we have a lot more opportunities to connect. It’s easier to plop the kids in the jogger and take long walks, where we can talk and recap our days. Plus, the days are longer so once the kids are asleep, there’s more patio and wine time to be had. In the winter, everyone’s more cooped up, and it’s natural that if we don’t mindfully avoid it, “watching TV” together every night really means being glued to your phone until it’s time to go to bed.  It’s not exactly “bonding time.”

The more cooped up we get, the crankier we get, so winter date nights at home are super important, whether you schedule a night each week to stay unplugged and catch up or it’s more of an “impromptu-whenever-we-can” kind of thing. It doesn’t take a lot to make an ordinary moment extraordinary.


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Check out our favorite, budget-friendly ways to turn any normal winter evening into a hot night of romance:


Shrug off the winter blues with a wine and cheese tasting party for two! Assemble a collection wines and cheese you love with a few new surprises in the mix. Turn on your pick of tunes and enjoy talking and nibbling the evening away, while picking your favorites from the bunch. 

Photo by Veronica Lola Photography from The Sweetest Occasion


A classic movie night always makes for a great date! Pick a tried and true favorite (maybe the movie you watched on your first date) or switch things up with a new release. Pop the popcorn and you’re ready for the evening! These adorable printable movie tickets are the perfect way to ask your better half to join you for date night. 

Photo + printables by Dabbles & Babbles


Around our house we love Upside Down Day, indulging in our favorite poached eggs for dinner. Why not switch it up with date night breakfast in bed? Whether it be with your world famous omelet or croissants picked up at the neighborhood bakery, slip into something cozy and spend the evening in bed.

Photo + recipe inspiration from Always with Butter 


Does anyone else love a blanket fort as much as I do? Good! Sack out on the living room floor with a nest of pillows and blankets for an indoor camping date night. Dim the lights, tell stories and make like a couple of kids at summer camp. So romantic and so cozy!

Photo by Sara & Rocky Photography from Wedding Chicks 


If you’re a culinary-minded couple, spend the evening in the kitchen learning something new! My pick is giving homemade pasta a whirl – it’s simpler than it seems and the results are always scrumptious. Then dim the lights and enjoy your meal by candlelight!

Photo + homemade pasta recipe and tips from The Little Kitchen


One of our favorite ways to have a date night at home is over a board game or a game of cards. We turn off the television, rock the music and spend the night laughing and battling it out over a favorite game. I love these printable Bingo cards to kick your game night off in sweet style.

Photo + printables from Design Eat Repeat


Dance! There’s no better date night than dancing. Put on a favorite date night outfit and sway to the beat in socked feet. Be silly, have fun, and dance! You’ll have loads of fun while enjoying a romantic date night together.

Photo by Aimee Howell Photography


Dream big and spend the evening together creating a couple’s bucket list! These downloadable bucket list worksheets allow you to dream big for the long haul and create mini bucket lists for every month of the year. Pour a glass of wine and pass the time day dreaming away. 

Bucket list worksheets available for $2 from Miss Tiina

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