Summer CleaningI looked at the calendar the other day and realized I was a tad bit late on my spring cleaning schedule. And by “tad bit,” I mean about three months.

Still, there comes a time when the clutter and chaos of my house becomes too much to handle. In such times I really only have two choices: 1) marry a millionaire with a complete household staff and remember to tip them very well, or 2) pull on my gloves and do the house cleaning myself.

Let’s be honest. I’m neither blonde enough nor thin enough to snag your average millionaire, so doing it myself is the only real option.

I’ve read Pinterest cards that say things like, “Cleaning your house while kids are home is like brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo” or “Cleaning with young children is like shoveling your sidewalk during a blizzard”. Both are very, very true.

So in true Monster Mommy fashion, I’ve been making my kids help with the summer cleaning schedule. They’re pretty cooperative, but the tricky part is teaching that shoving all of their toys in the closet is not technically cleaning their room—even if it is, technically cleaning up the floor. So far they’ve mopped, dusted, organized, and sorted with me as we tackle each room in our little house. Working one one room per day may not be the most efficient way to deep clean, but it’s the only way we’ve been able to accomplish some form of organization.

We have a ways to go, but I’m hopeful that we’ll be finished in time for Fall Cleaning.

How do you deep clean your house?