Boy at Nursery SchoolWhen it comes to daycare, the rules were established for a reason: to ensure that children receive high quality care.

Yet when it comes to breaking the rules, some daycare parents have no trouble being first in line.

If you don’t want to be categorized as “that parent,” avoid doing what these etiquette lacking parents do.  

1. They report that their child is potty trained; even though said child does not use the potty regularly or ask to go to the bathroom, in addition to still wearing diapers. Giving false information impacts the expectations providers have for your child. Be honest and upfront so your child receives the highest quality of care.

2. They chalk every misdeed up to missing mom and dad. Instead of acknowledging their child’s behavior and taking action to help correct it, they blame and justify the behavior on their child missing them while they are away.

3. They send their child to daycare sick. While it may seem like a good idea to give a child a fever reducer and then send him to daycare, it’s not. Come noon time and the meds are wearing off, it’s quite obvious to an experienced daycare teacher that not only is the child sick, he has been sick and has exposed everyone else to his illness.

4. They expect early intervention to solve their child’s problems. One hour per week will not solve your child’s issues. If your child is having trouble, he’s going to need your support to work it out at home, in addition to any services he gets while in daycare.

5. They show up early and pick up late. For these parents, the clock is just a group of numbers. They show up and leave their children before they’re scheduled to and they pick up after the child’s day was supposed to come to an end. Daycares, at least licensed ones, operate on strict child to caregiver ratios and showing up when you’re not supposed to and picking up late could mess those ratios up.

6. They intentionally break the rules. So what if it’s a peanut free center? Their kid will only eat peanut butter. Invitations aren’t allowed to be given out at the center? They bring them anyways. These parents know the rules and break them anyways, because they feel like their kids needs come first.


When it comes to daycare, do you best to play nice. Follow the rules and be considerate. Your center’s quality of care depends on it.