A Lego Storage Solution That Makes SenseLet's face it, it's highly unlikely that all of those little LEGO pieces making their way into every corner of the house will ever be neatly sorted into little bins by shape and color.

Even if you come close, it's inevitable that they're all going to be dumped in a pile in the middle of the floor.

Fear not, help may finally be on its way. Here's a solution designed to work with the way kids actually play with their toys instead of trying to shoehorn everything into an adult's idea of organization.


A Lego Storage Solution That Makes Sense

Thirty years ago, Sarah Kirk's grandmother gave her brother a handmade toy bag for his huge pile of LEGOs. After she had her own child, Sarah's mother redesigned that same toy bag and gave it to her son for his heaping pile of LEGO pieces. Now, three generations later, Sarah has launched a newly reinvented version of that same toy bag for the heaping pile of LEGO pieces in your life.


A Lego Storage Solution That Makes Sense

When Sarah started Swoop Bags, she wanted to create a bag that was simple, well-made, and would make clean up time a little easier. With a modern design sensibility, she designed each Swoop to last using high quality cotton canvas and nylon cording. Swoop bags are durable, simple, colorful, and fun.


A Lego Storage Solution That Makes Sense

The Swoop is the ultimate toy bag and playmat in one. It's ideal for small toys like LEGO, Playmobil, wooden trains, blocks, dolls, and more. The 44" diameter bags are made of 100% sturdy cotton canvas with durable, black nylon cording and metal grommets. 

So the big question: does it actually work? It definitely seems promising. I'm placing my order–I'll be sure to share the results. If anyone else decides to give it a go, please share your experiences as well!

Available for $45 on the Shop Swoops website.