You Can Donate Old LEGOs Through LEGO Replay So Let The Decluttering Begin

Now that my kids have moved passed the Lego stage, I don’t fear walking across my living room floor as much as I used to. Those brightly colored plastic bricks are astonishingly painful. Instead of tossing the piles of expensive bricks into a box and letting it collect dust in the garage, there is a wonderful solution that will help kids who might not otherwise get a chance to play with the famously expensive building toy. 

To get your old Legos into the hands of kids who could use them, download a print the free shipping label and simply drop off the boxed up Legos at the post office.  From there, your donation will be shipped to a designated place where the toys will be cleaned up and repackaged before they find their new home at the Boys and Girls Club of Boston and Teach for America. Pretty cool, right?

Vice President of Corporate Responsibility for Lego, Tim Brooks told TODAY that Lego covers all the costs of shipping and managing Legos that parents want to donate. “Find any old box, get your Lego bricks and pop them into the box, print out a label and you’re done,” he said. 

The idea for finding a new life for old Legos is not new, in fact, the Lego company has been trying to find a way to respond to customers who ask what they can do with old Legos they no longer use or need. 

“We’ve always said, ‘Don’t throw old Legos away.’ They’re such a durable and high-quality toy that don’t need to be recycled,” Brooks told TODAY. “We want consumers to reuse the bricks. And we want to give consumers a way to reuse those bricks that does some social good and passes those bricks on to kids who might not be able to afford Lego or need some play.”

According to the Lego site, they accept all Lego blocks including Duplo, small and big, complete or incomplete sets. Just grab a box, fill it with what you have, and attach the free shipping label and let Lego take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the toys but you should remove any batteries first. Easy peasy.

Not only does this new program keep plastic out of the trash and recycling systems, but Lego is also going above and beyond to make sure that Legos that can be reused get reused, and that is a great message to kids. Toys and play are fun and important but so is social responsibility, sharing, and being good stewards of the environment.

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