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Tips To Reuse Your Kids’ Old Toys

Is your home flooded with your kids’ unused and/or broken toys? Can’t give them away because of their condition or because it’s your little one’s favorite? If so, we have a solution to help you with the situation. Reuse and recycle!

Instead of storing them in a box, take them out and reuse them by converting them into something useful. Here are some brilliant DIY ideas to reuse your kid’s old toys. They will love seeing their toys in a new avatar, and you will have a gala time with these creative projects.

1. Herb planter

If you still have your kid’s old wagon, reuse it as an herb planter. And the best part is you can customize it with your favorite colors before turning it into an herb planter. If you are not into gardening, you can always use artificial plants to turn the wagon into a cute artificial flower garden.

2. Flowerpots

reuse kids toys
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We are pretty sure your little one must have a lot of unused toy trucks, cars with open roofs, or even plastic animals. So, why not turn them into flowerpots? Use them as pots for natural or artificial flowers, depending upon the size of the toy.

3. LEGO coaster

LEGOs are one of the coolest toys ever. It is hard not to love a good LEGO set, even as a parent. You can do many things with them, like making coasters, pencil stands, crayon stands, cable holders, etc. So, if you see a few sets lying around unused, challenge your kids to reuse them and turn them into something useful. We are sure not only your kids will love the challenge but also make something creative with it.

4. Jewelry stand

reuse kids toys
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Do your kids no longer love their dollhouse chairs, dolls, or little action figures? Then, glue the toys together in a fun shape and reuse the item as a jewelry stand for your kids or your dressing area. You can even use them as hair accessory stands to hold your kid’s hairbands, clips, etc.

This is a fun project to do with the kids. Let them decide the shape and color of the stand. If you are not keen on making a stand with the toys, glue those plastic toys individually on a wooden plank and reuse them to hang jewelry, kids’ bags, coats, etc.

5. Double-decker bookends

Any broken big action figure lying around the house? Give it a new job as a bookend in your kid’s room. Cut them in half, with the upper body glued to the upper shelf and the lower body to the shelf right below (glue it so the toy looks like it has been inserted into the bookshelf). Your kids will be enthralled to see their toys in this new and quirky form.

6. Normal bookends

reuse kids toys
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If you don’t have action figures but would like to reuse toys as bookends, here is another one. Cut those unused dinosaurs, cars, or any toy into half, paint them, glue them on wooden ‘L’s, and reuse them as bookends. You can even reuse the old toys without cutting them in half.

7. Wreath

Take a blank wreath ring and start gluing all the broken toy pieces. Moreover, kids can hang it on their room door. For added fun, spray paint the old toys rainbow colors to make them look more vibrant.

You can also reuse your kid’s toys to make fun clocks with LEGO, fridge magnets, quirky picture frames, dresser knobs, etc. The options are endless when you have an unlimited inventory of kids’ old toys.

So, mamas, try these ideas to reuse your kiddo’s old toys by converting them into something fun and creative. And don’t forget to mention which of these ideas you and your littles loved the most in the comment section below.

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