Decorating With A Touch Of Orange

Decorating with orange isn’t just for Halloween anymore. This retro color is making a comeback!

  1. ABC alphabet pillow from Etsy seller Pillow Factory
  2. Asian poppy curtain from Urban Outfitters
  3. Canvas growth chart from Etsy seller Giraffes and Stuff
  4. Festival rug from Anthropologie
  5. Rabbits in vermilion print from Etsy seller Kristiana Parn
  6. Surfboard hook rack from Etsy seller Sunday Treasures
  7. Eames padded fiberglass rocking chair at Vertigo Interiors
  8. Vintage dresser at Portico Furniture

Orange has always been a favorite of mine, and when I saw the “Rabbits in Vermilion” print when visiting a friend in Brooklyn, I knew the color had to be incorporated into my soon-to-be baby boy’s nursery. It’s a close relative to yellow, a color that can really breathe life into a room. It is an especially good choice when going totally modern, as some modern baby lines are carried in orange in addition to the regular whites and wood grains.