locker decorations

Cool Locker Decorations And Organizers To Buy Right Now

You blinked and the new school year has already arrived – how did that happen? And while being back in class may not sound too appealing to most kids and teens, a new school year means a new locker — and a new opportunity to decorate and organize it. After all, a school locker is more than just a place for storing binders and bulky textbooks. That’s where locker decorations come into play,

Locker decorations these days go way beyond photos and magnets. Students are adding funky wallpaper, photo frames, mirrors, shag carpet, shelving, and even mini chandeliers to their home away from home.

Need some help finding cool locker decorations? We’ve done the work for you. Ahead, find locker decor items that are cute…and functional, too.

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