Alejandra Espinoza’s Post-Pregnancy Body Secretos

She looked amazing before pregnancy, so it’s not surprising that Alejandra Espinoza, host of this fall’s upcoming music-based reality competition, La Banda on Univision, got back into shape just two months after welcoming son, Matteo. (Her baby boy was born March 11.) Looking fit as ever in recent Instagram photos, the new mama shares her bounce-back secrets with you.


Q: You look amazing so soon after giving birth to Matteo! What’s your secret?

AE: Before getting pregnant, my workout routine included running, yoga, and Pilates. And while pregnant, I walked a lot and did prenatal yoga and Pilates, which kept my muscles strong and helped my body recover post-pregnancy.

Q: How are you staying healthy now that you’re a new, time-crunched mama?

AE: I’ve started incorporating more green juices into my diet. They are super quick and easy to make and filled with nutrients. My recipe changes based on what I have available!

Q: Did you feel pressure to drop pounds immediately?

AE: I gained 20 pounds, which my doctor said was perfect for me. Two weeks after delivering my son, I was back to my normal weight. I really think breastfeeding and my prenatal workouts were the reason but what I’m really focused on is being healthy. Because I’m still breastfeeding, I’m mindful of what I eat.

Q: As a new mom, how do you find the time — and energy — to get to the gym?

AE: It is so important to find time for yourself. I schedule time to work out as I would any other commitment. I’m blessed to have the support of my husband, choreographer Aníbal Marrero; he helps me with Matteo. I also need to keep my energy up to keep up with both my baby and my work commitments. Doing Yoga and Pilates helps me stay in shape and beat stress.

Q: Is there anything about your post-birth body that you’d like to change?

AE: No! Actually I think I have a better body now than I use to (I have more curves!) but exercising was the best decision not just for me but for the baby. He’s strong and full of energy.

Photo: Alejandra Espinoza/Instagram