Our All-Time Favorite Latina Celebrity Baby Bump Photos

Becoming pregnant for the first time was possibly the most monumental moment en mi vida. And while I was, of course, excited — wrapped up in guessing whether it was a boy or a girl and what he or she would look like — it also made this laid-back chica muy nerviosa. I was growing a human after all! Luckily, I found a great pregnant friend to bond with over my nine months but outside of that I searched the web and magazines for pregnancy information and inspiration whenever I could. I only wish I had hopped on Instagram a little sooner. It seems I’m constantly coming across a gorgeous newly pregnant mamacita in my feed.  

So for those of you of you who might be looking for a little pregnancy inspiration yourselves — and because seeing familiar faces always make everything better — we put together a collection of photos featuring the baby bumps of some of our favorite Latina celebs: