5 Coolest New Gadgets for Moms

#2: Apple iPad Air

It’s hard to put together a Top five list without including at least one Apple product. As if the revolutionary iPad wasn’t cool enough, Apple just released the iPad Air—lighter, stronger, and if it’s possible, cooler. “Before we thought about what goes into it, we thought about what you’ll get out of it” says Apple, which means this handsome little device is tailor-made for moms and kids who want (and need) to get the most out of a machine.The iPad Air is a mere 7.5 millimeters thin (just over a quarter of an inch) and weighs one pound. It is designed for people on the go, making it the ideal mom machine. Among its features: dual antennas that double Wi-Fi performance; more networks around the world to keep you connected in more places; an improved five-megapixel iSight camera and FaceTime HD camera for better video calls; and dual microphones for improved audio recording. All this tantalizing technology sits within a sleek frame that’s light and easy to hold. Bravo, Apple. Again.

Learn more about the iPad Air here.

#3: 4moms Origami Power Folding Stroller

It was bound to happen eventually. After watching newbie parents struggle with elaborate strollers you’d need a Ph.D. to figure out, someone finally came up with the idea of a stroller that folds itself. The 4moms Origami Power-Folding Stroller opens and closes at the touch of a button—so no more trying to balance Baby on one hip and your purse in the other as you fumble around. This smart little stroller has generators in the rear wheels that enable it to charge itself.  And … (drumroll) … it will even charge your phone with the addition of an optional accessory—so you can talk while you walk.Daytime running lights illuminate the legs of the stroller to make you more visible, while pathway lights underneath turn on automatically in dimmer settings. This amazing stroller even features an LCD dashboard with a battery charge indicator, thermometer, speedometer, and trip and lifetime odometers. Oh, baby!

Learn more about the 4moms origami stroller here.