Top 5 Apps for the Family

The number of apps available for today’s mobile devices is downright dizzying. There are apps for just everything from meal planning to road tripping to picture taking. As a mom, it is sometimes hard to know where to begin. Your children will tell you what apps they want (games, games, and more games) … but it’s up to you to track down the most valuable apps for the whole family. Here are five of our favorites that benefit both parents and their youngsters.

#1: Ford SYNC

If today’s moms were asked to list the essential equipment in their lives, cars and mobile phones would certainly make the list. Now, Ford has synced those two things up through their in-car app—aptly named SYNC—which allows moms and kids to stay connected, while carpooling running errands or traveling.

With available SYNC, your voice operates the essentials so your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes focused on the road. Need to make a hands-free call? You’re just a voice command away from being in touch. Press a button, then use a simple voice command and SYNC dials for you. You can even put a call on hold and automatically transfer a call back to your handset with no interruption. For incoming calls, just push the button on your steering wheel and start talking. SYNC allows you to use three-way calling, caller ID, and set ringtones for different people (so you know when the kids, hubby, school or friends are calling).

To make things even simpler, SYNC automatically downloads names and numbers from your compatible phone—just use a voice command to locate the person you need or scroll your phone book using a button on the steering wheel. Effortless, efficient hands-free calling—suddenly chauffeuring your youngsters around just got a whole lot easier!

Get more information on Ford SYNC here.

DISCLAIMER: Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Not all features are compatible with all phones.