Top Apps For Wine Lovers

It’s never too late to learn about wine! Today, information about wine is right at your fingertips.


Whether or not you want to educate yourself about wine, find the perfect wine to pair with a delicious dinner, or read reviews and ratings about wine, chances are you can find what you are looking for using an App.

While there are many wine apps out there, I have compiled a list of my Top Wine Apps for you to check out. 

1) Hello Vino: This app will recommend wine based on information you enter about yourself. It begins by asking how much you know about wine, how often you consume wine and how much you want to spend. This free app gives you wine recommendations based on your needs, including a new wine pairings and gift idea feature. Not only is this app useful and easy to use, it integrates well with Twitter and Facebook to encourage sharing.

2) Corkz: This app is fantastic for beginning wine drinkers as well as enthusiasts. Powered by CellarTracker, this app has reviews and information about $1 Million wines. The other cool thing about this app? There is a barcode scanner that you can use to look up vintage information. This app also offers the convenience of looking up wine ratings and prices, as well as finding a nearby wine bar. This app also connects to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to share your favorite wines.

3) Daily Grape: This app gives you daily wine videos by Gary, which include wine education and recommendations. This app is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about wine and try a variety of wines.

4) Wine Spectator’s Vintage Chart: With this fabulous app, you get expert information wherever you are with WS Vintage Chart. Can’t decide between two different Cabernets? This app will help you decide wherever you are; in a restaurant, bar or even in your own home.

5) The iPad app is far superior to the iPhone app, but both apps let you browse wine, search ratings and reviews, as well as add wine to a cart to purchase. The feature I love most about the iPad app is the winery mapping and the cave stash to store your favorite wines.

And if you plan on visiting Napa anytime soon (I will be there this Fall!), the following is a must have app!

6) Wine Spectator’s Guide to Napa Valley (For the iPad Only): Perfect for your visit to Napa Valley! This app has maps and locations of wineries all over Napa, as well as reviews of specific vineyards and wines.  You can use the included trip planner to map out your route of wineries to visit, places to stay and restaurants to indulge in. I am already filling up my trip planner on this app!