11 Best Shopping Apps for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again, when everyone scrambles to manage all their lists: to do lists, grocery lists, honey-do lists, and wish lists! How we manage it all in time to enjoy the holidays is beyond me. Here are some of the best mobile apps to save you time and money while you're out shopping for the holidays.

Manage your Gift List


Gift list apps are a must to manage all of your gift giving. The following apps let you manage your list and help you keep track of what you bought for each person. You can even set dollar amounts for how much you want to spend per person. Just be sure to keep your phone away from the kids; you don’t want to ruin Santa’s surprises.

Get Gift List (Holiday/Christmas List) on the App Store ($1.99)


Two other gift list planners:

Compare Prices

There is nothing more annoying during the holiday season then finding something you just bought from another store (after standing in line for an hour) cheaper at the on the other end of the mall.  Before you commit to standing in another long line you can do some price checking with these great apps:

RedLaser (FREE) – Compare prices, see reviews, and find the best deal near you


Two other comparison shopping apps:

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Sometimes during the gift purchasing process we pick something up that we are unsure about, especially when it’s in a field we know nothing about. Tools and car accessories are two things I know nothing about. I once bought a drill per the recommendations of a store clerk, and it didn’t last longer than a year.  Luckily, there are apps to help put your mind at ease. Before you buy you can check unbiased reviews about a variety or products and find out if you need to keep looking or if you've found the perfect item and can check it off your list.

Check out Buy or Not (FREE)


You can also try the Consmr app (FREE) for more product reviews.

Get Rewards and More

Slim down your wallet by transferring all of your rewards cards to these easy-to-manage reward card apps. You can add all of your favorite stores without stuffing your wallet.  Try the Key Ring App (FREE) or Lemon Wallet (FREE).

Get Around and Don't Get Lost

If you're doing most of your shopping on foot or by car, you should definitely check out MyCityMyWay (FREE). it will help you navigate through the holiday traffic and even help you find some good eateries in the area to refuel.

With all these apps available we should all be able to tackle our wish lists in no time!

*This post was sponsored by Nintendo