Top 6 Apps: New Years Resolutions

1. Streaks

Streaks is a simple calendar that allows you to track the consecutive days you are actively working towards a goal. You name your calendar and then begin marking your days. It’s as simple as that. If you miss a day on your calendar your streak will start over again. I use Streaks to track several different goals and it’s a fun app for tracking progress and remaining motivated.

2. Eibles-Diet Journal

Edibles Diet Journal can be tweaked and customized to fit your individual dietary needs. With this app you can track only the things you want to track and create your own database of foods. Edibles keeps track of your BMI, weight loss and provides a chart to illustrate your progress. This is one of the pricier dieting apps but it’s my favorite.

3. Self Talk

Use Self Talk to write down personal affirmations for positive thinking. Your affirmations are easy to record and edit later on. This means you can make as many revisions as you need to get things just right. Self Talk will keep your thoughts positive when you need to take a minute to refocus and remember your goals.

4. Runmeter GPS Running Stop Watch

Runmeter tracks your outdoor workout statistics. It uses your iPhone’s GPS to determine your run time, location, distance, speed and more. The app can be set to track running, cycling, skating and more. Runmeter saves your workouts and will compare your statistics the next time you run the same route. You can set up audio prompts to play over your music, motivating you to improve your time. I use this app whenever I run outdoors.

5. Lose it!

Lose It! is a free, highly rated, dieting journal. The app allows you to create weight loss goals and a calorie budget to help you meet those goals. You can also use the app’s database to track your exercise routines.

6. LIVESTRONG My Quit Coach-Dare to Quit Smoking

If you have a goal to quit smoking then this may be the app to help. MyQuit Coach will create a personal plan to aid you in meeting your goal. MyQuit Coach will help you quit all at once or gradually, a little bit each day. Motivational tips, progress charts and inspirational photographs are included to help you on your journey.

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