Beware Of Deal A Day Sites

What is the big deal with all of these Deal a Day sites lately? It seems like they are a dime a dozen. Are the deals really that good? Are they really that discounted? In some cases, yes they are. In many cases no. They prey on the fear mentality so many of us have, that we are going to miss out on an awesome deal. Think twice before you hit checkout on your next deal of the day.


Be sure to use this checklist to make sure you really are getting the best deal of the day.

  1. Google-Run a quick Google check on the product. Make sure that it’s not being offered somewhere else for less. Many times, with a coupon code you can get the product for roughly the same price if not less. This might change your mind about whether you need it right now or if you can wait until you have room in your budget.

  2. Prepare-Do you have a list of things your family wants and needs currently? If not, you need to write one out. If you do, is this product or service on that list? If it’s not, you probably don’t need it. Getting caught up in the buy right now or else mentality is totally understandable, just try and recognize when it’s happening to you.

  3. Pay close attention to the details-A lot of times that is where these sites will trip you up. You think you are getting a gift certificate you can use online. You buy it and realize it is only good in stores! The nearest store to you is over 100 miles away. Or shipping costs more than the actual product. The devil is in the details or so the saying goes?

  4. Do your research on the actual product or service-It might look good, but is it? Search the company and make sure the product is worth it. It might be cheaper than it has ever been, but is it even worth that amount of money? Don’t buy a lemon, be sure you are buying something worth your money!

  5. Walk away and/or consult someone else-Most deals don’t expire within minutes. There are rare occasions, but for the most part you can take some time to mull things over. Walk away for a set amount of time and really think about whether you need this product. Talk to your spouse, consult your bank account. Get some space from the deal to think clearly!

Deal a Day sites are big business nowadays, and you can score some really awesome deals if you refuse to get caught up in the hype. Approach buying a product or service from them much like you would buy a car. I know most of us wouldn’t walk right into a dealership and purchase the first low price we see! Have a discerning eye and use deal a day sites wisely and you are sure to score some amazing bargains!