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11 Hilarious Family Pet Photos That’ll Totally Make Your Day

I think the reason pets bring us so much joy is because they are like weird furry relatives that come by for a visit but never leave.

I’ve had my current cat since the day she turned old enough to adopt from the shelter seventeen years ago. At first she was kind of adorable: trying to get our attention by being sweet and affectionate, running into the room when we’d get home from work. Now she’s just this crazy old lady with no filter. She wants you to talk to her? She’ll head butt you. She wants to be petted? She’ll block the TV and yell at you until you give in. She wants to be left alone? She’ll cock her head to the side, look at you like you’re a fool until you feel self-conscious, and walk away shaking her head.

Her fun personality is always good for a laugh, and I know she’s not the only one. Here are some pet photos that are sure to make your day, all uploaded to Natural Characters by the people who love them (and are entertained daily by them) most. Be sure to head to Natural Characters to check out more funny and heartwarming pet photos.

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance. Be sure to head to Natural Characters to check out more pet photos and to add your own, too.



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