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The Croods: Meet the Characters!

“The Croods” characters have been the favorite of many since the movie was first released in 2013. Their family bonding, adventures, misadventures, and, let’s not forget, the witty one-liners struck a chord with the audience, especially the kids.

Little ones could relate to what could be said to be the first modern family. The Croods had it all: a rebellious teenage daughter, a struggling father, and a mom working hard to keep it all together. Very realistic, if you would ask us. It is no wonder its sequel, “The Croods: A New Age,” was highly anticipated. Here are all the characters that appeared in “The Croods” and “The Croods: A New Age.”

Characters that appear in both The Croods and The Croods: A New Age

“The Croods” follows Grug as he tries to protect his family in a quickly changing world. A newcomer with an active imagination and exciting new stories threatens Grug’s traditional way of doing things. Will he accept the change and overcome his fear of all things new? Watch “The Croods” for the answer!

“The Croods” has a star-studded cast with Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and many more lending their voice to the characters.


Voiced by: Nicolas Cage

Grug, the head of the family, lives in a cave with his brood. The caveman is very overprotective towards his family due to the dangers and natural disasters they face constantly. This defensive dad lives by two mottos: “New is always bad, never not be afraid,” and “Fear is good, change is bad.” He desperately wants his family to follow his lead and rules, but his rebellious and self-reliant daughter, Eep, has other plans.


Voiced by: Catherine Keener

Ugga, Grug’s wife, is tasked with an impossible juggling act. She has to find a balance between letting Grug lead the family and coaxing him to occasionally step out of his comfort zone. Although Ugga is more open-minded than Grug, she finds it challenging to keep her family safe.


Voiced by: Emma Stone

Eep is Grug and Ugga’s eldest child, and Sandy and Thunk’s older sister. Ready for adventure and excitement, Eep is the quintessential teenager. She is a constantly curious boundary-pusher who continually tests her parents’ patience. Eep is forever trying to get her dad to accept the possibility of a different life beyond their walls.


Voiced by: Ryan Reynolds

Guy is a loner who lives an adventurous life with his pet Belt. He is an inventive and creative person who thinks outside of the box. Guy is the one who introduces the Croods to new and crazy inventions like fire and shoes. He also has romantic feelings for Eep, which ties him to the Croods.


Voiced by: Cloris Leachman

This sassy mother-in-law is no frail grandma. Gran is a spitfire who can hold her own on a hunt and loves her family fiercely.


Voiced by: Clark Duke

Thunk is the middle child of Grug and Ugga, who follows his father’s footsteps and abides by his rules. Although he is not as bright as others and has poor coordination, he is a good kid at heart. He goes on to get a Crocopup for a pet, naming it Douglas.


Voiced by: Randy Thom

Grug and Ugga’s youngest daughter, Sandy, likes to bite and growl instead of speak. Sandy is a skilled and agile hunter who can hold her own against the wildest beasts. 


Voiced by: Chris Sanders

Belt is Guy’s sidekick—the iconic three-toed sloth that one can see in all the posters. He doesn’t talk much but relays his input, often as the warning voice of danger ahead with his “dun-dun-dun!”

Characters The Croods: A New Age added to the franchise

Alongside “The Croods” cast, “The Croods: A New Age” introduces the audience to a whole new set of cast members – the Betterman family. This new cast shares some history with Guy’s late parents.

Phil Betterman

Voiced by: Peter Dinklage

Phil is the patriarch of the Bettermans. He is a landowner who lives in a tree house with his family and irrigates acres of fresh produce. The Betterman family is a couple of steps above the Croods on the evolutionary ladder. However, when the Bettermans take the Croods as houseguests, tension escalates between the modern and cave families, leading to laughter and new adventures.

Hope Betterman

Voiced by: Leslie Mann

Hope Betterman is Phil Betterman’s wife and the matriarch of the Betterman family. She is also Ugga Crood’s best friend.

Dawn Betterman

Voiced by: Kelly Marie Tran

Dawn Betterman is Phil and Hope’s only daughter. She is Guy’s old friend and slowly becomes Eep Crood’s best friend in the movie. Like Guy, she also has a pet sloth named Sash.

The Croods characters were fun and relatable. Everyone enjoyed the goofy families and their bond. Which one was your favorite Crood character? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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