5 Reasons To See “The Croods”, Starring Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage

Five reasons you should head to the theater this weekend to see The Croods with your family.



1. Strong characters that are relatable- The Croods highlights many different family dynamics and relationships – father/daughter, husband/wife, new love, man vs. mother-in-law and more.  Each member of their family is important and contributes something to their well-being and survival.  They will make you laugh, they’ll make you smile and they’ll make you nod your head because you know someone in your own family just like them.


2. Change  –  It’s finally spring, so what better way to celebrate the new season than by seeing a movie about transitions and new ideas and family?  And besides, most of the country is still freezing (unless you’re lucky enough to live in the South), so enjoy some indoor time together before the great thaw-out finally happens.


3. Great Story Telling –  Handing down stories is how we keep our family histories alive.  Grug is his family’s “historian”, documenting their journey and his ways of trying to keep them safe (which are more of what you’d call cautionary tales, but he means well). Story telling is a central theme in The Croods – how it moves us forward, how it holds us back and how it keeps us connected for generations to come. 


4. Innovative use of 3D –  3D is an amazing moving-going experience, when it’s done right. And The Croods does it right.  The scenes come alive in a beautiful way without ever being overpowered by the 3D aspects. The movie has a terrific story to tell, but the film is visually stunning, as well.


5. Adorable Creatures that will melt your heart – see below, no words necessary.



6. Bonus – An all-star voice cast that includes the talented Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener and more!

If you do head to the theater this weekend, stop back here to share your thoughts on the movie!

Photos by DreamWorks Animation