Pet Boarding Alternatives for the Holidays

It can be emotionally difficult to leave pets behind when traveling or visiting relatives for the holidays. So the task of choosing a boarding facility or a pet sitter that you feel really good about can be daunting at times. Plus kenneling rates tend to increase during peak holidays, so it can become very expensive and securing reservations at the best places often needs to be done well in advance of the holidays.

To help get you started, check out these ideas for locating & qualifying alternative boarding resources:

Put the Word Out to Friends and Family

This idea might sound too simple. However, if you put the word out, you might be surprised to discover a friend, neighbor or someone in your family, who you might never have considered before, who would love to take care of your pet while you’re away.

If this person is already acquainted with your pet, then it’s an even better situation. It’s important though, to make sure this individual is qualified to care for your pet. You can help qualify this by running through this Pet Sitter Checklist, talking with them about your pets needs and finding out more about their pet knowledge and experience. You might even be able to arrange a “dry run” for a brief overnight stay in order to get a better idea if this arrangement is realistic and will work out well for everyone.

Make Use of Websites that Register & Qualify Pet Sitters

Organizations like Pet Sitters International have provided educational information to the public for quite sometime and portion of their website provides a Pet Sitter Locator to help you locate and screen independent pet sitters in located in your area.

There are several other websites like DogVacay and Rover that also provide pet sitter locater resources to help you find local Pet Sitters in your area. What’s even better is that some of them also provide insurance and make veterinary options available as a part of their inclusive pricing. You can read more about the details and services that each website provides and decide which one best suits you and your pets needs individual needs.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional Pet Sitter, these resources can also help qualify and provide you with a place to host your own biography and post information about yourself too.

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