Dog Costumes For A Howling Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, can you believe it?  In our house we are already starting to think of costumes for the big night and being that we are equal opportunity costume wearers that means looking for our four legged friends as well.


I thought I’d share some of the cutest dog costumes I’ve found so far. Fair warning, the following pictures are sure to make you smile, and probably make your pooch a tad embarrassed.

Dog Costumes For A Howling Halloween

1. Dog Prisoner Costume: The cutest “bad” dog around.

2. Handmade Charlie Brown Costume: He may look cute, just don’t pull the football out from under him.

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Dog Costumes For A Howling Halloween

3. Wizard of Oz Lion Costume: Even if your furry friend isn’t cowardly he’ll make hearts melt in this.

4. Little Stinker Medium Dog Costume: Pepe Le Pew will have nothing on your hound plus the white stripe makes him easy to see.



Dog Costumes For A Howling Halloween

5. Indiana Bones Costume: Digging for bones comes naturally, this costume just adds to the mystique.

6. Sherlock Hound Costume: Sniffing out the mystery never looked so cute!



Dog Costumes For A Howling Halloween

9. Hot Diggity Dog Costume-Ketchup: The family is considering going as all the fixings for a barbeque mainly because we love this quintessential costume. 

8. Bumble Bee, Large, Medium or Small Dog Costume: No matter what size your dog he’s sure to feel the sting when you dress him up as this loveable bee.