9 Gorgeous Peel-and-Stick Tile Decals to Update Your Home

If you’ve ever lusted after a neighbor’s pristine Subway-tile backsplash or ornate Moroccan-style accent wall, you’re not alone. Cool tile work is a hot trend right now, but not all of us can afford to rip out what we’ve got and put up the real stuff. A happy compromise, though, is the rising trend of peel and stick tiles. Adhesive tiles are designed to mimic much more expensive choices and they allow you to give your space a facelift without the hassle of expensive renovations. Plus, you can “install them” yourself.

Ready to update your home without a ton of work? Check out these nine gorgeous peel-and-stick tile decals. And if your design A.D.D. kicks in, you can remove them and create a whole new look with different designs!

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