11 Boho Chic Decorating Ideas For Your Home


 I am a huge fan of the bohemian-chic lifestyle, from artfully distressed denim to long hair to cool living spaces. During the summer, my daughters and I live in sundresses, and all winter long I sport as many braids, oversized cardigans, and fun prints as I can. And the house has to match the inhabitants, right? Enter the boho chic home decor vibe.

When decorating our home, my husband and I reach for details that feel eclectic, homey, and a little bit vintage—but are still super pretty. A collection of beautiful things that both complement and contrast with one another. We stack and stagger, but we still maintain a visual balance. As a result, our space is filled with boho-chic design elements.

Want to bring a laidback ambiance into your home? Let these boho-chic decorating ideas inspire you.

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11 Boho Chic Decorating Ideas For Your Home


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