Create A Super Stylish Kid’s Room: 21 Modern Removable Wallpaper Ideas

I love switching up the color and style of our kids’ rooms. For some reason, it’s easier to take risks in kinderland than it is in the rest of the house. It’s like there are no rules. Even if a neighbor was ballsy enough to give the room a judge-y side eye, you can just be like, “Oh yeah, the kid really loved that giant ceramic donkey.” Blame the kids, that’s what I always say.

Seriously, though, I love to infuse color and pattern into the girls’ rooms, and with the proliferation of great modern wallpapers I can. The idea of glueing, removing, and redoing old school wallpaper gives me heart palpitations. So removable wallpaper is the solution for my kids’ ever changing style and taste. Whether metallic wallpaper, bold prints, or subtle patterns work for your kid, there are some pretty spectacular options out there today.


Check out these modern removable wallpapers that are perfect for nurseries and kids’ rooms.

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