9 Stylish & Fun Bunk Beds for Kids

With a third on the way, I’m going to be moving two of my boys in with each other. We decided bunk beds are definitely the way to go, so I’ve been researching them like some people research cars. Bunk beds have come a long way since I was a kid, and are some great options out there for your room-sharing kiddos.

The factors I took into consideration when choosing a bunk bed for my kids were:

Safety: Other parents’ reviews and recommendations were important

Design: I mean, I have to look at them every day, too…

Cost: The average price seemed to hover around $1K, although I found a few options that were under $300. The downside of the cheaper options are that they require more assembly.

Fun factor: At the end of the day, my kids have to love it as much as I do

After an exhaustive search, here are some of my favorite bunk beds on the market today. Although I haven’t chosen our winner yet, I’ve narrowed the best choices down. You’ll surely find one that’s perfect for your family in the slideshow.

What’s your bunk-bed style? Budgeted and more DIY, or pricier and ready to go?

More Bunk Bed Ideas:



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