51 Clever IKEA Hacks for Kids’ Rooms & Nurseries

I’ve been an IKEA fan from the beginning. Or, I should say, my beginning. Whereas most of my buddies here in Minnesota have only been exposed to the magic of flat pack boxes and Swedish meatballs for the past decade or so, I’m originally from New York and have been enjoying the blinding neon yellow and blue retailer for three decades now. In fact, if you head over to my parents’ home on Long Island, there are some IKEA pieces there that are nearly as old as I am. Seeing where IKEA is now that I’m an adult is quite exciting: I love that they continue to get better and better at balancing design and affordability, and that they very openly embrace the community of DIY “IKEA hackers” that have grown up around their brand. What otherwise can be a rather generic or stark piece can transform into a breathtakingly upscale or innovative showstopper.

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My husband Devon and I are in the process of finding a new home, and with it, I promised my daughter we could plan out her new big girl room together. Needless to say, I’ve been Pinteresting my heart out, trying to find the best IKEA hacks for kids rooms to incorporate into her new space. I’ve been looking for pieces that are upscale and modern—nothing too babyish, so that she can grow into her furniture. Along the way, I’ve found a ton of great ideas for all ages, from nurseries to teen and tween rooms. I’m excited to share fifty-one of my absolute favorite IKEA hacks that  will have you running to your nearest store as soon as you possibly can.

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