15 Stylish Guest Room Essentials

Is it just me, or are the holidays coming even earlier than usual this year? I mean, Starbucks rolled out their Christmas cups on what, November 1st? And I’ve definitely been humming along to store-piped Christmas carols since Halloween.

If you’re feeling the joys of the season before Thanksgiving, it may seem a little crazy to start Christmas shopping, but there’s actually one holiday shopping task you can check off your list without looking like a crazed hoarder in Home Goods. 


It’s the Stylish Guest Room Revamp. And you’ll love it.    

Just think: adorable throws, cute candles, a cozy retreat for your holiday guests…all perfectly primped and stylish and set up well before they roll into town with chaos in tow. Not to mention, if you start now, you’ll have more than enough time to give the room a test run (or four) before Christmas.

Check out the slideshow for my favorite ways to style a super chic guest room that (truly!) rivals a hotel retreat.