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10 Most Stylish Baby Proofing Products for 2014

Stylish baby proofing. Currently, it’s numero uno on my 2014 Mama To Do List. Over the holidays, our nine-month-old son T decided that sitting up was for the birds and finally started to figure out how to maneuver himself around the floor. My first reaction—obviously—was sheer excitement for our little man. But then I groaned to myself when I realized what this new milestone meant for our home: BABY PROOFING. All those puffy corner guards and horrid plastic latches and cattle-looking gates! I know that some of these items are necessary in ensuring a safe, roam-able space for T to explore…but there had to be some stylish options, right? After poking around on every shopping site in the retail universe, I’m thrilled to report that there are quite a few stylish baby proofing products for us, and we don’t have to turn our homes into jungles of white plastic!

Here are my 10 favorite stylish baby proofing products for 2014:

Will you be baby proofing your home this month? What are your must-have stylish baby-proofing solutions?

More Products for Your Home:

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