Kido’s Modern Toys Inspire Creativity and Are Flat-Out Adorable

Before I had kids I had a lovely, lovely home. It was tastefully decorated with quirky details, each piece thoughtfully chosen to represent some aspect of our life so far. We had paintings from our travels, interesting sculptures, cool flea market finds. And it's all still there. It's just buried so far under a mound of plastic—shopping carts, princess castles, and every manner of blinking, talking toys—you can't actually see it anymore. Not exactly how I planned on our living space evolving.

When I ran across Kido's line of modern toys for babies and toddlers, I had one of those moments where I saw my life as it could have been. Why didn't I know about it earlier? Why couldn't my children be playing right now with an adorable racoon wobble instead of a blaring Elmo guitar that only has one sound setting (very, very loud)? How much lovelier would my house be with Kido's brightly colored, yet aesthetically pleasing toys scattered on our rug? And how much would my kids adore, well, everything I've picked out below because it's creative and leaves so many possibilities open to their imaginations?


Listen, it is too late for me. Buy what I will, these gorgeous little toys are still going to get lost in the pile of plastic that is my living room. But, you—new mom, or friend of a new mom, or mom in need of an interesting birthday present—there's still time. Use what I have learned, for all of us, and buy these little pieces of adorableness before it's too late…


A few of my favorites from the Kido siteNutty Squirrel Pull Toy // Bird Whistles // Cutting Fruit // A to Z Magnatab // Memory Match // Owl, Fox, and Raccoon Wobbles // Sort-a-Shape House

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