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These Are The Baby Proofing Must-Haves

When your child starts crawling, suddenly you see death traps and sharp edges everywhere. Literally, just when you have a handle on new parenting, the crawling phase slaps you in the face!

By 9 months most babies will be creeping and crawling, but by 6 months they’re likely already rocking back and forth on their hands and knees, and that’s when childproofing needs to be fully implemented.


All baby proofing items serve a purpose, but they don’t all serve a purpose for everyone. There are dozens upon dozens of items that can potentially be useful, but there’s no need to drive oneself crazy with excessive childproofing – it will only become a burden when we really want to be streamlining things as parents.

Think about your home and lifestyle and shop accordingly. To get things started we’ve rounded up baby-proofing products that will prove essential for most households.

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