Linette’s Living Room Revamp: SoftSpring Carpet Inspired Renovation

My family has lived in our home for almost 15 years; it’s an old farmhouse with tons of rustic charm and really unique detailing. We absolutely love it—this is the home in which our son was raised and it holds lots of wonderful memories, but we felt it was in need of a little sprucing up!

The worn, burgundy carpet was about 14 years old and was never my favorite. Our house was built in the 1800s, and the rooms have wonderfully high ceilings but are not very big, and the dark color of the carpet made them look even smaller and made the rooms feel dim.Linette Home Depot 1


Linette Home Depot 2

More than that, the carpet was beginning to wear in spots and coming apart where it was seamed. It was high time for a change!

Linette Home Depot 3

We wanted to lighten up our rooms, and find carpeting that would be comfortable and inspire new décor to revitalize our home—the search was on for a carpet that would be luxurious and affordable. We were determined to find a color that would really match different accents in each room and would complement the hues throughout the house and tie our décor scheme together to create a harmonious look.

We were ready to take the plunge and get the new carpeting, so we headed out to The Home Depot to check out their carpet selection. We were immediately drawn in by the softness and thickness of the SoftSpring Platinum Plus Collection. We ran our hands through all the plush options, and looked over the fabulous colors that fit our vision for our rooms.

Linette Home Depot 4

After much deliberation and looking at a large selection, we narrowed down our favorites to these three: 

We just loved the soft texture and we felt that these colors would really suit our space. We were almost certain we were going to choose Enthusiastic II, but we wanted to be sure. Luckily, the very helpful salespeople at The Home Depot let us take samples home to look at them in the rooms and next to our tiles, so we could make an informed decision. Once we did this, we were confident we were making the right choice with Enthusiastic II in Oyster Shell.

We picked the Enthusiastic II in Oyster Shell because we fell in love with the rich texture and the feel of the carpet, but the color was also perfect. It has a rich hue with dark—almost black—flecks that we knew would complement the gray tile we have in the bathroom, and also go with the black of our wood burning stove, so it was just perfect!

We talked with the salesperson about the process of ordering our carpet, scheduled a time for them to come out and measure our room. We also talked about the best padding for our carpet and decided on the Memory Foam Padding.

The Home Depot sent someone out to measure our rooms and he was very helpful and informative: he explained his process in detail, went over the measurements he took, and let us know what we could expect moving forward. We had the option to order our carpet over the phone or go back into The Home Depot store. We decided to go back into the store where we informed the salesperson that we wanted to order Enthusiastic II in Oyster Shell from the SoftSpring Platinum Collection. The salesperson was very helpful, and gave us a date that the carpet was due to come in. He let us know that the installer would call us once the carpet came in to the store and would then set up a time to come out and install the carpet.

When the carpet came in to the store, the installers called and set up a time to come out. They removed the old carpet, pad and all, and hauled it away so we didn’t have to deal with it.

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Linette Home Depot 6

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Then, they installed new tack strip around the edge of the room and laid out the pad.

Linette Home Depot 8

Linette Home Depot 9

Then, it was time for them to bring in the new carpet!

Linette Home Depot 10

They installers did a wonderful job laying the carpet and installing it—I couldn’t wait for it to be done!

Linette Home Depot 11

Finally, the carpet was installed, and it looked beautiful!

We just love the color of the carpet! It really lightens and brightens our home. The best part is it doesn’t show dirt, and it’s very soft to walk on. We take off our socks just to feel the softness of the carpet—it’s so lavishly thick and luxurious!

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The darker flecks in the carpet inspired me to add some dark accents to my home. After all, a carpet this stunning needs some sophisticated pieces that are worthy of it. We went back to The Home Depot and selected a rustic but elegant black candle chandelier from the Barcelona Iron Collection.

When we got home my husband installed the lamp. He easily assembled it according to the directions in the box and added the candles and the lights. It hangs above the carpet beautifully.

Linette Home Depot 13

Linette Home Depot 14

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While at The Home Depot, we also picked up materials to make a DIY framed photo installation and a board and some brackets to make a small shelf below the frame, along with a couple cans of black paint (so we could paint both pieces black to coordinate with the flecks in the carpet). It turned out really well and we love how it showcases some of our favorite family memories.  Learn how to make the DIY Framed Photo Installation and the DIY Wood Shelf here.

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The exquisite carpet also inspired some new furniture pieces. Because the neutral tone of carpet is studded with those pretty dark brown and black speckles, we chose a dark wooden cabinet with ornate detailing and added some deep red decorative items that provide vivid pops of color to the room.

Linette Home Depot 17

The We also chose a buttery soft leather chair along with a neutral throw and pretty pillow that coordinate well with the carpet without being too matchy-matchy. Above the chair we hung vibrantly-colored artwork with a pretty gold frame as the perfect touch.

Linette Home Depot 18

Along with our new chandelier, the room is gorgeous!

Linette Home Depot 19

In the adjacent room, we set up a little nook in the corner keeping the colors neutral. We added sophisticated style with beautiful decorative pieces that feature vintage detailing like this ornamented plate and classic clock.   

Linette Home Depot 20


Linette Home Depot 21

We also brought in a comfy ivory couch with dark brown throw pillows and a matching coffee to bring out the flecks in the carpet.

Linette Home Depot 22

I love how the carpet is perfectly matched with the woodwork that makes up the moldings and the doors; the carpeting makes the tone of the wood look even richer.

My rooms look the way I always imagined they could. I am so happy with my carpet—can you believe how different my rooms are?!

Linette Home Depot 23

Linette Home Depot 24

Linette Home Depot 25

To celebrate our sumptuous carpet and our home’s lovely new look, we decided to kick back with some wine! Don’t we deserve it?

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*This post was sponsored by The Home Depot. 

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