Susan’s Living Room Revamp: Artistry is Underfoot with SoftSpring Carpet

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I never imagined I could be so enthusiastic about carpeting, but this new SoftSpring carpet from The Home Depot completely transformed the living room in my home and has created an elegant space that has become my family’s favorite hangout area. I am over the moon about this gorgeous carpet!

Before installing SoftSpring we were in desperate need of tearing out the old, dated carpet in our formal living room—it was the carpet that was originally installed when our house was built, about 8 years ago. Living with three kids, who often entertain friends, the carpet was littered with stains from sloppy spills and greasy popcorn.

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I was ready to kick the kids out and take the room back! I wanted to transform the space into a tranquil and beautiful place for adult relaxation, but I wasn’t sure if we could find affordable options.

I waffled over the type of flooring to invest in. Each type has its own pros and cons, but after researching the SoftSpring Carpet from The Home Depot, I was convinced that this was the perfect choice for us. The color and pattern options were enough to win me over—they had so many selections and it was easy to find an option that I loved and suited my sense of décor, and when looking at samples, I really fell in love with the feel. The carpets are pure luxe, with the texture resembling velvety cashmere. Best of all, the prices don’t break the bank. After lots of deliberation and help from the informative staff at The Home Depot, I settled on SoftSpring Mystical II because the elegant pattern and velvety texture were precisely what I imagined in my space. We went ahead and ordered it! I was very excited.  

We started with a pretty bare room. The wall color was dated and in desperate need of a fresh start. Our furniture was pretty bare and dilapidated from kids using them as trampolines. The whole space was just begging for a renovation.

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On the day of the install, I was giddy.  We had already updated the paint on the walls and installed some much needed crown molding. The new carpeting was going to be the piece de résistance to tie the whole room together and really bring it to the next level!

The installers arrived and got to work. I just loved watching the room transform before my eyes.

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Once the carpet was in, I literally spent an hour just laying on it, amazed at its softness and luxurious texture. It was so beautiful it inspired so many décor ideas for the space, so I got to work designing the rest of the room. The carpet served as a beautiful blank canvas and kicked my creativity into high gear. 

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We moved our entertainment center back into place. I love this piece of furniture and it fills the space on the wall nicely. The deep brown wood was perfectly offset by our creamy new carpet.

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This stunning carpet was just calling for updated furniture, so I brought in several new pieces, including an off-white leather couch and a quaint turquoise accent chair. The carpet is so versatile and it just makes all my furniture look even better by complimenting the colors and heightening the chic-factor of each piece. 

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I also added a few unique pillows and brought in an assortment of interesting lamps, including this modern Walnut Floor Lamp shown below from The Home Depot. I love how sleek it is!

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SoftSpring Home Depot Carpet

The most challenging wall spaces to fill were two narrow columns. They were awkward because not only are they small spaces, but they sit at an end. I made this Zip Tie Lantern from supplies found at The Home Depot and it complements the area perfectly! (Learn how to make the Zip Tie Lantern here.)

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I love how the lanterns totally match the gorgeous carpet.

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I'm so thrilled about this room! I never would have been inspired to overhaul the space had it not been for the innovative designs of the SoftSpring Carpet. The contemporary patterns and sophisticated colors establish a fantastic base for any area in the home, and they totally revamped my space. I love the SoftSpring carpet choices so much, I'm already mulling over new samples and planning the next room to remodel! Can you believe how different my living room looks?

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*This post was sponsored by The Home Depot. 

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